Saturday, May 4, 2013

We Found a Place

What a whirlwind of a week it's been!! Yesterday was no different. We house hunted, signed a lease, and moved our belongings into our new home in a matter of eight hours.

Our Friday started by being woken up before it was even 7:00am. We dropped off the girls with some of our friends from Georgia to be able to run our errands. At 9:00am we had an appointment with the realty office here in town. Hubs and I were under impressed when we walked into the office, and even more disappointed with the property manager who was showing us around. We asked only to see three bedroom locations, and the first place he took us was a two bedroom. He didn't really seem to have any knowledge of the properties. I asked questions and was given the completely wrong answer. Oh well.

The second place that we looked at is the one that we ended up taking. It isn't perfect, but it'll do for just six months. There isn't anything wrong with it, it just isn't perfect for us. After being in here I've also started to notice some design flaws. I'm by no means an architect, although I did almost go to college for interior design, but some things just don't make sense. There's no pantry or space for a dinner table. The cabinets are like three feet away from the toilet, so unless you're Stretch Armstrong, grabbing toilet paper is a mission. The light switches are all strangely placed. Nothing major, but definitely not something we'd like to be stuck with forever.

It's funny though, when we did the application at the office, after they checked our credit the lady came back asking if we wanted to buy a house because of our credit. No thank you. We neglected to tell them that we'd only be here until October/November.

Once everything was signed and good to go, we did a walk through with the property manager. There were no major issues, so when we were done she handed over the key. We were able to unload the U-haul into the garage in about an hour. Most of today was spent taking the boxes from the garage and putting everything into place. There are boxes and newspaper everywhere. Once everything is picked up, I'll share some more pictures.

On Friday the movers should be here with the rest of our household goods. I'm looking forward to having all of our stuff and finally getting settled in completely.

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  1. I am so happy that you were able to find something so quickly! :)

  2. So happy you guys were able to find a home so quick!

  3. Great that y'all found a place so quickly. The property manager my brother-in-law hired for our house (since we still live here) didn't even come to a showing they scheduled.

  4. Congrats, and holy speediness!! I envy that!! I love the size of your kitchen and I'm green. Mine is half that size .... blah! Don't worry about not telling them about November, because thank goodness for the military claus!!

  5. That was quick! I'm dying to know where the place is! I lived there for so long, a little bit of me will always consider it home.

  6. There is a great deal of stress you won't have to deal with! How fortunate to find a place that quickly. Hope the unpacking doesn't take to long!

  7. wow! that was quick. the place looks so spacious right now. i guess that is what happens when nothing is in a house yet. Ha!

  8. WooHoo ~ a new home to make your own!!! So glad it was that fast so you could stress a little less~

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  9. How great that you found a place so quickly! I'm hoping my move is as easy! :)

  10. That's awesome you found a place that fast! :)


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